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The purpose of the Murphey Candler Cobras is to provide a higher level of competition to players in our recreational leagues who show an above average level of skill, desire, and passion for the game.  This is 'extra' softball (in addition to playing on a MCGSA rec team). Players selected for a Cobras team will engage in additional practices that are conducted at a high-level than traditional rec league practices.  Cobra teams will play against other recreation-select and travel teams.

Playing on a Cobras team requires a significant commitment by players and their families.

Important notes about playing on a Cobras team:

  • The Cobras’ teams are Recreational-Select teams.  This means that there are tryouts and that some players who try out might not be selected for a Cobras team.
  • Cobras teams are normally selected for 8u, 10u, 12u and 14u age groups; depending on the number of players that try out, multiple teams may be selected for each age group.
  • Cobras coaches are chosen from volunteer parents of the players that make the team.
  • Teams are selected each season based on performance in Cobras tryouts along with rec evaluations and assessments from prior seasons’ coaches.  
  • Previous participation on a Cobras team is not a guarantee of inclusion on a team for the current season.
  • Rotation between positions and allocation of playing time in Cobras might not be as equitable as it is in Rec league play.
  • Everyone participating in a Cobras tryout has an equal chance to make a given Cobras team.  Players trying out are not grouped by ability or prior Cobras experience.
  • Players who are ‘playing down’ to a younger age league are not eligible to play for a Cobras team in that league.
  • Players who are ‘playing up’ to an older age rec league are expected to try out for the Cobras team in their actual age group; however, 6u players playing up to an 8u rec team can try out for the 8u Cobras.
  • Cobras teams will not participate in practice or games that would cause players on that team to miss a regularly scheduled rec practice or game.

Fall Season

The Fall Cobra season runs from team selection (normally in August or early September) into November.  During the Fall Rec season Cobra practices, games and tournaments will primarily be on Saturdays.  Once the Rec softball season ends (at the end of October), Cobra teams typically add some weekday practices and might choose to participate in two-day (Saturday and Sunday) tournaments (tournament selection varies from Cobra team to Cobra team). The Fall tournaments that Cobra teams play in are usually challenging (most Fall Cobra teams end up competing against area travel teams). Tournaments will typically be within a 30-90 minute driving radius, and usually take all of Saturday, or all of Saturday and most of Sunday.

Spring Season

The Spring Cobra season runs from team selection (normally in February) through the end of June. Practices will start shortly after the teams are selected, with practices normally held on Sunday afternoons during rec season.  Spring Cobras teams traditionally have played in the NGSL (North Georgia Softball League) during rec season, with double headers against other NGSL teams being played on Sunday afternoons; there is also an all-day NGSL championship tournament played in May, also on a Sunday.  Some Cobras teams may also opt to play in one or more one-day travel tournaments during rec season; these tournaments would also be on Sunday.  Once the rec season has completed in May, Cobras teams will add practices during the week and will start playing in 2 day (Sat/Sun) or 3 day (Fri/Sat/Sun) tournaments; participation in tournaments will continue through the end of June.  Friday games will be played in the evening, Saturdays will be all-day, and Sundays could be all-day.  Tournament locations are generally within an hour or two of North Atlanta; however some teams may elect to travel farther or even spend the night at the tournament location (expect no more than one overnight tournament, if any).


  • It is strongly recommended that players wishing to be selected for a Cobras team attend tryouts.
  • Teams are selected each season based primarily on performance in Cobras tryouts along with rec evaluations and assessments from prior seasons’ coaches.  
  • Anyone participating in the current MCGSA Fall rec season in the 8u thru 12u leagues can try out for Cobras.  For the 14u Cobras, all 13 and 14 year olds who have played at MCGSA in the last year can try out for Cobras.
  • Players participating in the Spring rec season in the 8u thru 12u leagues can try out for Cobras; in addition, any 13 and 14 year old players in the High School rec league can also try out.
  • Trying out for a Cobra team is an indication that the player and family are willing to commit to attending the additional practices and tournaments.
  • Tryouts will be held shortly after practices start for a given season.


  • Registration fees for participation on a Cobras team are collected in addition to fees already collected for participation in the current rec league.
  • Cobra registration fees will cover at a minimum:  field maintenance, team insurance, umpire fees, a roster shirt and game balls.
  • Fall tournaments are on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning that tournament fees are collected separately for each tournament.
  • In the spring, Cobra registration fees will also cover most of the games/tournaments that a team participates in; if a given team elects to play in additional tournaments, fees for those tournaments will be collected on a pay-as-you-go basis.