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The purpose of the Murphey Candler Cobras is to provide a higher level of competition to players in our recreational leagues who show an above average level of skill, desire, and passion for the game.  This is 'extra' softball (in addition to playing on a MCGSA rec team). Players selected for a Cobras team will engage in additional practices that are conducted at a higher level than traditional rec league practices.  Cobra teams will play against other recreation-select and travel teams.

MCGSA Cobra Program

1) The Cobra teams are recreational all-star select teams; meaning, they are players that are required to play Murphey Candler rec softball and should not be confused with a “travel team”. The only exception to this is for 14U players in the fall that are playing on their school teams. In the case of these 14U players, they must have played in the Murphey Candler rec program within the previous year. Players need to register to be considered for a Cobra team. While it’s not mandated, it’s highly suggested that each player attend the Cobras evaluation/try out, with the understanding that some players may not be selected for a Cobra team.

2) The selection of the Cobras teams by the Cobra Committee is done in such a way as to democratically assemble teams based on an assortment of relevant data and assessments of players. All nine committee members are asked to attend the evaluations and be present in the selection meeting. All nine committee members have equal voices (co-chairs do not have additional influence when forming teams).

When assessing a committee member’s child, that committee member(s) is not present in the discussion and, thus, has no input on the placement of their team. The elimination of this bias has been a long-standing measure in place, and the committee members regard the elimination of bias in the highest regard. 

Below are the factors that the committee is asked to consider: 

  • Cobra evaluations - Scores based on hitting, fielding, throwing, running, and, for relevant leagues, pitching and catching for those opting to evaluate at those positions
  • Feedback from past Cobra and Rec Coaches - this includes the coaches assessment of the player’s skills in all relevant categories as well as the player’s sportsmanship and their coachability. 
  • Rec Evaluations

Note that committee members are presented with the above information in time to review before the committee selection meetings, and each member weighs each of the factors listed above subjectively. 

3) Previous participation on a Cobra team is not a guarantee of placement on a team for the current season. Everyone trying out for Cobras has an equal chance to make a Cobra team. There may be 1, 2, or 3 Cobra teams created at each age level depending on the number of qualified players who try out.  The goal is to build competitively-tiered teams

4) Cobra coaches are selected only after each team of players has been formed. The head coach is selected by the committee from the pool of parents who volunteer during player registration. The coach has no input in the selection of a team.

5) Rotation between positions and allocation of playing time in Cobras might not be as equitable as it is in rec league play. While coaches want to continue to develop players and skills, they also want to field a competitive team and there are no rules dictating playing time and position as there are in the rec league.

6) Pitchers and Catchers: For the 10U, 12U and 14U teams, players must try out for the pitcher and catcher positions if they want to be considered for those positions on the team.  If a player evaluates as a pitcher or catcher, that is telling the committee that the child wants to play those positions on a Cobra team.  Therefore, this could impact which team the child is placed on. Barring injury or absences, coaches will give priority playing time only to those players that evaluate in these two positions.  Players who do not try out for pitcher or catcher but later decide that they would like to play those positions, may, at the coach’s discretion, be given that opportunity. 

7) Barring injury, a Cobra player must participate in a high percentage of their rec practices and games or their Cobra playing time may be reduced. 

8) Cobra teams are a significant time commitment. Therefore, attendance is important.  Before you accept a position on a team, please read the below explanations/expectations of the fall and spring Cobra seasons.  If families have multiple conflicts, please make sure that the Cobra commitment is right for your family.  Irregular attendance affects the dynamics of a team.

a) FALL SEASON: Practices, scrimmages and tournaments occur on Saturdays. Most coaches add a weekday practice after Rec Season ends. Teams usually schedule one-day tournaments through October and the beginning of November (3-4 is the norm for Black and Purple teams). Teams endeavor to have drives no longer than 60 minutes; however, it’s also not uncommon for the only tournaments for an age bracket to be a little farther. 

b) SPRING/SUMMER SEASON: Teams have practices, scrimmages, and games on Sundays most of the Spring, commencing in a one-day tournament--all in the metro area (as far as Peachtree City or even at Murphey Candler). Once the Rec Season ends, teams play in weekend long tournaments (Friday thru Sunday), usually in the metro area, but teams have opted for one-day tournaments similar to the Fall season. Teams also add weekday practices as well. Teams are formed in February and players are expected to commit to the full season.  

9) Time: The Cobra season is intended to take place around the rec schedule. Cobra play should not interfere with rec play. Rec play takes priority at Murphey Candler. Cobra practices and games will be an additional time commitment outside the commitment of rec ball. Cobra players are required to play a majority of their rec practices and games.

10) Fees: Registration fees for Cobras are not included in your rec ball registration and are an additional cost.                                                                        

a) Registration fees typically cover a player roster shirt, field usage, umpire fees, equipment, team insurance and other related expenses. 

b) In the Fall, in addition to registration fee, tournaments are on a “pay-as-you-go” basis; meaning that tournament fees are collected separately for each tournament. 

c) In the Spring, the registration fee will cover the NGSL season, a player roster shirt, field usage, umpire fees, equipment, team insurance and other related expenses. If your coach elects to play in additional tournaments, you will be responsible for additional fees for those tournaments which will be collected on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. 

d) Seasonal registration fee amounts will be communicated at the time of registration.

11) Uniforms: Uniforms are an additional expense that is not covered in the registration fee.  

12) Team notifications:  The committee endeavors to email you within a week after the evaluation date, letting you know whether or not your daughter has been placed on a Cobra team.  Unfortunately, there are usually some players that we are not able to place on a team and we know that they will be very disappointed.  Please use this experience as a teaching moment to let your daughter know that we are proud that she came out, that there is always an opportunity to try again, to use the rec season as an opportunity to improve skills, and to try out again for the next season of Cobras.